• Karen Rocker - Treasurer / Secretary

    Karen has been the treasurer for HC since 2007. She is married and has lived in Flushing for her entire life. She has two daughters and two step daughters. She has 5 grandchildren and 40 chickens.

    You can reach Karen at

  • Becky Ridley - Secretary / Media Coordinator

    Becky joined our staff in 2018 as Secretary and Media Coordinator. She brings skill and knowledge in the area of communication and software manager. She is happily married, has a daughter, two cats, and a dog. She enjoys the outdoors and enjoys spending time with family.

    You can reach Becky at

  • Kelly Jacobs - Bread for Life

    Kelly is the coordinator of this vital ministry to the children of Flushing. She keeps this ministry in good working order and shares her time with us. She is an active wife and mother as well as being the Activity Director at a nursing home.

    You can contact Kelly at

  • Interim Pastor

    Pastor Cliff has served Holy Cross for over 37 years. It has been a blessing and an honor to have him with us for so long. He has officially retired and is now enjoying more time with his family and friends. We are currently waiting for our interim pastor to arrive.

    Contact Rev. Christian Jones for any funerals, baptisms, etc.

    Cell: (314) 422-4572


    New Pastor Email: