World Missionaries

Holy Cross is happy to support several missionaries who minister throughout the world. If you would like to join us in our support of these missionaries, please go to the "donate" link on this website.

  • Matt Popovits - New York City/Matt Popovits Ministries

    Matt Popovits is a son of Holy Cross and we are proud to support his pastoral ministry in New York City. Matt pastors not one, but three congregations in New York and is spreading the Gospel throughout the city as well as providing leadership and encouragement around the world.

  • Kevin Sharp - New York City

    Kevin is also a son of our congregation and we are proud to support his efforts to grow the church in the metropolitan area of New York City. He works with youth and has really become a "jack of all trades" as he seeks to reach the people of NYC with the Gospel.

  • Jonathan and Deborah Bourbeau - Latvia

    Holy Cross has been associated with Jonathan and Deborah since 1986. They have faithfully served the people of Latvia with the Gospel and continue to provide leadership in the church and the community in Riga.

  • Igors and Nora Rautmanis - Eastern Europe

    Igors began his ministry in partnership with Jonathan and Deborah and we have joined him as he ministers through InterVarsity in Eastern Europe. We have watched as he has become a leader among the university students in this dynamic part of the world.